A sense of pride

Yesterday I covered two very different events. In the morning -World Pride, the LGBT parade and festival, with over 25,000 people marching through Central London, forty years on from the very first Pride London march. And in the afternoon ‘The Chap Olympiad’, an event which sees competitors take part in games such the ‘Cucumber Sandwich Discus’ and ‘The Umbrella Joust’ whilst revisiting the fashions and pastimes of the polite aspects of 1920’s to 1950’s England.

Both were colourful and involved people having lots of fun, despite the rain and the fiscal problems surrounding the pride event. It’s always great to be able to photograph these occasions as they are always visual and involve meeting great people who want to chat and talk about what it is they and you are doing. The challenge at both events was keeping dry and not overshooting the job. I spent most of the day on a 24mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4 – only using the 70-200mm occasionally. Here’s a few pictures, can you tell which is which event!


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