Over the past couple of days I have been covering acts of remembrance in London. Every year Britain remembers those killed and injured in conflict on Remembrance Sunday which, this year, coincides with Armistice Day, the commemoration of the end of Word War One. The country falls silent at 11 o’clock with a two minute silence. It always amazes me how many people want to pay their respects to our armed forces by taking part in these events, young and old alike.

Soldiers place thousands of wooden crosses in the Royal British Legion’s Field of Remembrance, at Westminster Abbey.
Every year people leave messages handwritten on the crosses.
Some of the messages are very simple and poignant.
Here, crosses feature pictures of those killed in the recent conflict in Afghanistan.
A woman photograph’s her father’s regiment’s plot.
Young soldiers wearing poppies in their hats wait outside St Paul’s Cathedral for a service of remembrance.
A woman walks to the service at St Paul’s Cathedral carrying a wreath of poppies.
A woman wearing red shoes holds a poppy wreath.
A young girl wearing a poppy red coat waits with her father.
The war memorial during a service of remembrance at the London Stock Exchange.
People take part in the service at the London Stock Exchange.

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